Methodology and QC


Team leader and company president Linda Larocque is the main contact for the client. On the rare occasion when she is unreachable, Ms. Larocque ensures that a team member acts as back-up. Ms. Larocque has extensive management experience, including a solid background in supervision, estimates, project coordination and production control.

Ms. Larocque discusses the scope of the project with the client along with the number of hours required and deadlines, then provides a quote. Once the estimate is approved, she assigns the project to the appropriate team member or members, depending on the scope of the project. If more information is needed, she contacts the client or, if it is more efficient, asks a team member to do so.

Ms. Larocque follows up regularly with team members and the client to ensure that work is progressing well and will be delivered on time and according to specifications. If delays are anticipated, she takes immediate action to resolve any issues and ensure on-time delivery.

For large projects, Ms. Larocque creates a critical path with milestones and deadlines for each major component and holds regular teleconferences with her team and the client. If problems arise, she deals with them immediately and works with the client to identify solutions. Ms. Larocque is ultimately responsible for the quality of the work and for delivery to the client.

At the end of a project or project milestone, Ms. Larocque constantly fdollows up with the client to discuss the process and learn from the experience. For large projects, she offers to organize or participate in a review exercise to establish best practices.

Quality Control

Les services linguistiques Larocque linguistic services inc. takes specific steps to guarantee quality control for all documents it produces:

  • Translators/editors self-review and use designated style guides to ensure that their work meets professional standards.
  • Terminology is verified using appropriate terminology databases, pertinent legislation and any glossaries identified by the client, where necessary.
  • Facts are checked against background documents and reference material or confirmed with experts.
  • Translators/editors maintain the layout and formatting of the original and produce the text using the requested software.
  • If a large text is divided among several team members, Ms. Larocque is the designated resource person for dealing with questions or issues. She ensures that all team members use the same terminology base. She also creates a lexicon she makes available to all team members and ensures harmonization of the texts.
  • All translations are done by professional translators. Translations are checked to ensure that they are appropriate to the target audience and meet the client’s specifications.
  • All translatons are proofread by a second professional to ensure the highest quality possible.

The same rigorous quality control standards apply to urgent requests. If the timeline warrants, the firm shares the work among several team members and makes sure they are available in the evening or during the weekends if necessary.

Standardizing Terminology

All team members have experience in reviewing existing documents to gather terms and establish lexicons in order to standardize terminology. Whenever possible, the same translator/editor is assigned to related documents, developing an area of expertise.

In addition, the firm uses LogiTerm, a searchable database that allows translators to create terminology bases for their different projects and produce bilingual texts (bitexts) from previous translations, Web documents, etc., to facilitate a speedy search of the exact terminology. For large projects, the person in charge of quality control establishes a style guide and lexicon specific to the project and shares them with team members.



All team members abide by stringent security measures applicable to all documents. Les services linguistiques Larocque linguistic services inc. respects the confidentiality of all material supplied by and produced for our clients and does not disclose privileged information under any circumstances. The following team members have Security Clearance (Secret II): Christine Duguay, Christine Gonthier, Linda, Larocque, Lucie Larocque, Marie Lenkiewicz, Céline Mongeau, Marie-Andrée Mongeau and Monique Plamondon. Jacinthe Beauséjour is also registered with the Controlled Goods Program.